Use your Cirris adaptor boards on your new CableEye

Use your Cirris adaptor boards on your new CableEye

We are often asked to replace old (or not so old in some cases) Cirris cable testers with our CableEye system, often due to improved flexibility through the Windows PC control that it has.

One stumbling block is the number of interface adaptors that have been produced by the customer over the years; clearly not something they would like to do again.

What is needed is a Cirris converter…

CAMI Research has developed the CB34 Cirris converter board-set; a direct interface replacement that means it is normally a plug-and-go operation to reuse the old interface adaptors but with the benefit of using an up-to-date, PC-controlled system that self-learns cables, provides easy reports, data logs to a network and remote use of the data via internet… a true 21st century Windows application.

The CB34 (Item #764 – Set of two boards) will accept one 64-point Cirris Adapter board or two 32-point Cirris adapter boards, and show results as a 64-pin header numbered 1-64 on each bank.

cb34 cirris converter

The CableEye software does not compute the board or cable signature or automatically identify which Cirris board is connected but it is a simple and quick task to use the PinMap software (Item #708), to obtain a proper graphic and pin numbering.

Most Cirris-made boards are numbered so that the test point number corresponds with the connector’s pin number, so the pin numbering shown on the 64-pin header will be correct even if the graphic is not.

You may use the CB34 Cirris converter with CableEye HVX systems. It has been certified to operate at test voltages of up to 1500vDC and 1000vAC, assuming that a suitably-rated Cirris board is also used.

It is now a simple and low-cost option for you to get a new, modern and very fast cable tester without the worry of losing your investment in all those adaptors. Drop us a line and we’ll do the rest.

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