Saving Money With A Braid Brushing Machine

It can often be difficult to ‘see’ the cost benefits of investing in new technology, and we understand this.

What we’ve done is create a simple, Return on Investment, ROI calculator that you enter YOUR data into and calculate the ROI of a Braid Brushing machine for YOUR operation. Once done, you can create a PDF file of your analysis to attach to your CAPEX request.

None of the production data that you enter is stored by us, and the calculations are explained at every stage by simply putting your mouse cursor over the relevant 🛈 mark.

braid brushing - before

Jacket removed and ready for braid brushing

braid brushing - after

After just a couple of seconds in the BSB 1005B

Annual Saving Calculator


Annual Saving Calculator

Please use this free tool from Cimbian UK to estimate your Return on Investment (ROI) period and potential losses without making this investment.
Calculated Result
Production Capacity / Hour (manual process) 0
Production Capacity / Hour (With machine) 0
Non-worked days / year 0
Working days / year 0
Productive weeks / year 0
Productive hours / year 0
Actual labour rate / hour 0
Total cost of employment / hour 0
    Manual Braid machine
Production Hours / Year 0 0
Total Labour Cost / Year 0 0
Demerging cost per cable-end £0 £0
Time saved using Boewe 0 week-hours OR 0 work-week
Losses without a machine £ Please enter all information
Payback Period 0 Years
ROI achieved after 0 demerged cable-ends

bsb 1005b with autostart sensor

Product Highlights

    • Used to de-merge braided cable shields prior to other braid processing
    • Brush length up to 70mm (2.75″)(BSB 1005/B) or 220mm (8.7″)(BSB 1017)
    • Cable diameter from 2 ∼ 20 mm (0.08″ ∼ 0.8″)
    • Change of rotation direction on BSB1005/B (Brush-out / Fold-back)
    • Assembly errors reduced
    • Fast and simple brushes changes for using different cable types
    • Higher yields with a reduced skill level
    • Auto-start option
    • Foot-switch option
    • Suitable for both for low volume and large volume assembly
    • Adjustable width and speed
    • Reduced work-hardening of strands
    • Dimensions: 440mm x 340mm (17.3″ x 13.4″)
    • Weight: 14 kg (31lbs)
    • Power connection: 110 – 230 V 50/60 Hz, 220W (110V optional on BSB 1005/B)

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