Full testing, plus twisted pair testing.

The new CableEye M4 cable tester combines the tried and trusted high-speed capabilities of the M3U with completely new technology to incorporate twisted pair testing.

CAMI Research has developed the capability of checking and measuring, twisted pair relationships in cables as short as six feet, and this is standard in the new CableEye M4 cable tester (and available as an option for HiPot (HVX-series) testers).

The same technology enables the  M4 user to measure cable length, length to break, capacitance, and resistance with precision (4-wire measurement).

Occupying the same footprint as an M3U, and using the same software platform, the CableEye M4 cable tester will slot directly into an existing M3U production location and instantly add these new capabilities.


cableeye m4 twisted pair testing

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