Braid processing? Surely this means a toothpick, screwdriver or tweezers?

Wire-free products are as elusive as the paper-free office and, ironically, the need to screen cables has increased due to the high data speeds we see everywhere.

Screened cabled generally need to be ‘descreened’, or unwoven at the point of termination and this is a time and labour intensive task that is, therefore, fraught with risk of damage or inconsistency.

It is not uncommon to see screens partially unwoven or cut to save time. Using a proper Braid processing machine such as the BSB 1005/B or BSB 1017 eliminates these issues.

Each machine has interchangeable brushes for different braid types, adjustable spacing between the brushes and variable brush speed.

Operator efficiency can be further improved with either a footswitch control or an auto-start sensor that starts and stops when a cable is inserted.

The Braid processing machines from Böwe Elektrik solve these problems with true German engineering solutions. 

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