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One of the great features of an industrial-grade cable tester such as the CableEye is that it can be calibrated to national standards to provide traceable test records for your products.

Generally, calibration involves shipping to a generic test house, which is okay for generic products such as DMMs, pressure gauges, thermometers etc., but is not so good for programmable equipment that requires special software tools.

The alternative, then, is to ship to the factory in the USA and, therefore, involve complex customs paperwork and delays.

Here at Cimbian UK Ltd. we have invested in the factory-specified instruments and specialist software from CAMI Research to be able to provide factory-standard CableEye calibrations, fully traceable to national standards within the UK.

Any CableEye users that need a well-baby check or a traceable calibration can simply ship it to us, we do the work, certify the work and return it to you, normally within one or two working days.

All calibrations include a test report, a certificate and a new ‘.cal’ calibration file for installation on your PC.

For a small annual fee you can stay on top of your CableEye test equipment and be in a position to prove to your customers that you maintain the highest standards in your process by testing with calibrated equipment.

Cimbian UK has the following CAMI Research accreditations:

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CableEye Calibrations

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