Cimbian UK provides services as well as product

Most people in our industry know the cost of manufacturing their product but, likewise, most do not fully calculate the cost of test, especially during development.

At Cimbian UK we have over 35 years of experience in delivering cost-effective, flexible test solutions across a wide range of applications, from simple cables to full functional test.

steve hooper - talking about services

Steve Hooper

My background is wholly based around test technology and finding/providing test solutions for clients

Over the years I have provided solutions ranging from simple cable testing through to anti-anti-aircraft missile systems.

Services available from Cimbian include:

      • Consultative test-needs assessment
        • We can provide your development and/or production engineering teams with suggestions for the best and most viable test strategies for each stage of your production.
          From here, we can help you narrow down your test concept to particular technologies or suppliers.
      • Test solution development
        • As a test engineering specialist, Cimbian UK can develop an entire test solution for you from the ground up, be it a simple jig, or something that includes processing capabilities.
      • Test system integration
        • Many suppliers produce equipment that has been designed to be integrated into a larger, overall system. at Cimbian UK, we can help with this. Whether it is integrating one of our products,
          such as a CableEye with your MRP system, or embedding a third-party DMM within an existing test station, we can help
      • Servicing, calibration and repair
        • Cimbian UK is an authorised calibration, servicing, and repair provider for the entire range of CableEye cable test systems from CAMI Research
      • Cable testing service
        • We can help you overcome a short-term overload by providing cable test services using our suite of CableEye cable testers from CAMI Research

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