Today we shipped another shield cutting machine, this time to Korea.

Because of automotive cables being under stress and in a generally harsh environment, it is critical that cables are produced and terminated correctly. As well as this, it’s also essential to avoid damage to the insulation of the inner cores.

Companies like Prettl, Korea, decided to invest in the BSF1004 shield cutting machine for their cable assembly operation in Kyunggi-Do, Korea.

braid cutter

The BSF1004, from Boewe Elektrik, offers a unique solution to a problem faced by most cable assembly companies, and that is, removing shielding, tapes, and liners etc. quickly, and without damaging the insulation of the inner cores.

With a wide range of different milling heads (cutters) for different diameter cables, the BSF1004 shield-cutting machine is versatile and provides totally repeatable results, even in the hands of low-skilled operators.

How do I use this machine?

The process is simple.

  • Remove the outer jacket
  • unbraid (using A BSB1005/B shield-brushing machine)
  • fold all the unwanted parts back over the jacket
  • place the inner conductors into the milling head
  • start the machine and push the bundle onto the cutter
  • Job done, and with no damage to the inner insulation!

Take a look at the video of the BSF1004 in action and judge for yourself: Click this link for video

We’d be happy to run a sample using your own cable, and video the process for you. Just drop us a line.

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