Harness Testing… is it the same as cable testing?

When someone mentions ‘cable testing’ the general impression is on of testing between two connectors on a single cable. Point A to Point B with a few crossovers; however, harness testing throws up quite a different image.


152 Pin M3U image

Cable Testing


Harness Testing with a CableEye

Connecting the harness


Wiring harnesses, or looms, are everywhere; from the washing machine to the family car and beyond. Connections are often between two, three or more connectors as well as some loop-back connections to the same connector.

[half]Sorting all this out in software is a challenge for most cable testers. CableEye, from CAMI Research; however, is very different. The PC driven architecture means that it has tremendous analytical and processing power to work-out what is going on within the harness to provide a meaningful netlist table and graphical wiring schematic.

Harness Testing - Generated Schematic

Harness Testing – Generated Schematic


Where CableEye cannot fully resolve the connections a prompt and guide is raised automatically and the user can then, very simply, edit the netlist or click-and-drag the schematic to assign the connections to match the design drawing. Once done simply hit save and the complete harness is then in the database… Easy!

To find out more about the harness testing capabilities of CableEye drop us a line via our contact page. You can also download the free paper on PC Guided Harness Assembly here:  Guided Harness Assembly (702 downloads)