How do you go about evaluating a cable tester?

Evaluating a cable tester can make the difference between buying a box to test cables and buying a system to provide test, traceability, documentation and even guided assembly.

The first thing to do is determine the need. Speak to your customers and find out what they are looking for from you today and for the next year or two:

  • Would they want a system where they can flag a concern over a cable or batch of cables and have assurances they were tested?
  • Would they be more likely to pay for testing if they knew the system could be calibrated in the UK to national standards?
  • How about graphically comparing the first-off with their diagrams?

Once you know the customer’s need look at what is involved in delivering this. It could be:

  • a new process
  • new equipment
  • new people

At Cimbian we offer advice as well as product. We can help with assessing the task and in finding a solution with out Consultative Test Service.

If it is new equipment we have demonstration equipment available that can be used to show you what is possible and how to get there.

Evaluating a cable tester

So many options.

Demonstration equipment can be supplied on a loan basis for a week or two to help you assess how the equipment can, and likely will, help in your objective. If you would like to discuss a demo or a loan unit please call us on 01243 582555 or drop us a line through our contact page.