Kevlar braid – A first for us!

Another Boewe cable brushing machine ordered but this is for one very special application. A Kevlar braid cable that hangs out of the back of a helicopter!

This process generally takes upwards of TWENTY hours per cable end when done manually. The unbraiding must be done to a very high standard as its purpose is to support a large mass from the back of a helicopter in flight and its associated drag.

BSB 1005B with Autostart sensor used for Kevlar braid

BSB 1005B with Autostart sensor

Switching across to using the BSB1005 we were able to reduce this time to the point where ≈ 95% of the work was done in 25 five minutes!

Kevlar braid - Before

Kevlar braid – Before

Kevlar braid - After

Kevlar braid – After

Boewe Elektrik constructed a special support plate but the brushes are standard, as is the rest of the machine.

You can see this in action in our YouTube video here:

Kevlar brushing

And you can learn more about the BSB1005 braid brushing machine by clicking here.