Announcing the new CableEye M2Z

The all-new CableEye M2Z entry-level tester from CAMI Research provides essential continuity measurement in cables and small wire harnesses.

It is ideal for cables carrying digital signals or any electronic signalling where small amounts of resistance in the cable or connections will not affect the function of the equipment to which the cables are connected. The CableEye M2Z cable tester includes a 128-point fixture, a probe port, and electronics permitting it to test cables with up to 64 conductors.

Measurement for a typical cable completes in less than a second, with results displayed by LEDs on the tester as well as on the PC monitor.

We use industry-standard 64-pin dual-row latch headers as an interface to our plug-in connector boards and external test fixtures. Presently we have over 60 Connector Boards (CB) and most of them are directly compatible with the new CableEye M2Z

A standard Windows (7 and up) PC with one free USB port is all that is needed to use the powerful software supplied with the CableEye M2Z… exactly the same software used by the top-of-the-range CableEye testers.

cableeye m2z

The price includes a board set (CB15c), probe, operating software, power module, USB cable, Getting Started Guide, Software Introduction Booklet, User’s Manual (PDF), and Product Support Subscription.

cableeye m2z

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