Using CableEye PinMap makes test results relevant.

A cable tester typically has a bank of interface pins that may be labelled 1 to xxxx or A:1 – D:64 etc which is great if you are only testing those cables that have the same reference. But, if your cables have any other form of pin reference your operator is left with no alternative but to use a lookup table; a slow and error-prone method, even on a good day. Enter PinMap!

With CableEye things are very different.

Through our Connector Editor you can easily create complex, custom connectors from photographs, scans, PDFs, or even draw something yourself. Once done you then switch to PinMap.

PinMap is a fast and simple way of creating an internal lookup table that ‘Maps’ the logical pin names of your connector (ie J1:A, J1:B etc.) to the physical pins of the tester (1,2,3, etc.). This lookup reference table, or ‘PinMap’ is then used in all reporting, be it on-screen or printed.

Finally, your test results actually relate directly to your connectors on your cable or harness assembly.

CableEye’s PinMap, from CAMI Research, enables you to enter data directly into the connector pin-table or by very simply ‘scanning’ the pins into place, as this video demonstrates.

Animated GIF showing PinMap in operation.

It is really this simple and this quick!

We have customers with hundreds of custom connectors, all mapped and made relevant to their operators, and customers, in this way.

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