Easy CableEye backups

Working with any programmable equipment really needs a way of keeping data secure. This page will show you how to make easy CableEye backups for your CableEye M2/M3/HVX tester from CAMI Research.

CableEye includes a built-in Backup and Restore function that has a number of uses:

  1. to make secure regular backups to avoid data loss
  2. to make a secure backup prior to upgrading any software
  3. to copy the correct folder structure between computers
  4. to send essential data to us for support

In the following video we are creating a data file for backups, but the process is the same for support requests or transferring data to another machine.

Of course, as CableEye is a PC based system, it is just as easy for you to send your backups to a network drive that is also included in your Company’s IT backup process, thereby creating another layer of security for your investment.

How frequently you make backups depends on how often you make changes in your software; however, as the process is so simple you should look to do this at least once per week. Perhaps at the close of business on Friday; however, our recommendation is daily.

Making life easy for our customers is a cornerstone of what we do at Cimbian UK.

For more information on CableEye or on how we can provide you with support just drop us a line by returning the form below:

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