Custom Interfaces


Custom Interfaces For Your Testers

Cimbian UK is not just a ‘box-shifter’. All of the products we supply we support fully and part of this is the design and building of custom interfaces for the CableEye range of cable testers.

The types of custom interface supplied cover a huge range from short adaptor cables, through the customisable CBs, to full systems. It is also worth noting that many CableEye customers also undertake their own customisation using the very powerful software tools from CAMI Research such as Connector Editor and PinMap.

One of the most versatile boards in the CAMI Research CB range, and the starting point for many projects, is the CB8.

Custom Interfaces - Raytheon Board 10-08

CB8 based Raytheon Board 10-08

Custom Interfaces - CB8 flying lead

CB8 based flying lead adaptor







Here you, or we, can develop a custom interface that is automatically recognised by the CableEye software, just like the standard boards but with your own connectors fitted.

Connectors can be mounted directly onto the CB8 board, on a mounting plate or a flying lead.

As well as custom CB boards you can also have the system built into a custom rack, again, or do it yourself.

Custom Interfaces - Delphi

Custom Interfaces – Delphi, Baumgarte

Custom Interfaces - RAMTech

Custom Interfaces – RAMTech







Drop us a line through our contact page and let us show you how a custom interface can help your testing.

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