When considering investing in a Cable Tester some initial groundwork identifying your specific requirements using a Needs Analysis can make the process a lot easier. This page will get you started on collating the information you will need to narrow down the wide range of CableEye products and option to suit your application.

CableEye Needs Analysis

  1. Are you testing cables or harnesses, or both?
    Some of our customers produce straight-forward cables, such as Ethernet cables. Others produce very complex harnesses/looms. From a cable testing perspective, this can affect the number of connections required.

    Two-ended cable

    Two-ended cable

    Multi-connector harness

    Multi-connector harness

  2. The number of connector types
  3. Products and variants:
    • How many different cable/harness types need testing
    • How many variants of a given product need testing
  1. What will be the method of connection to the CableEye?

    152 Pin M3U image

    Direct connection to CB modules


    Adpator cables

    Connection to the cable under test by adaptor cables


    Custom Interfaces - Delphi

    Custom Interfaces Panel

    The three main options are connecting to CB boards, Connecting via adaptor cables, and connecting via a fixture/connector panel

  2. Will interface cables be used between the CableEye and the cable/harness under test?
    • If yes, what is the longest interface cable expected?
  3. The number of cables/harnesses to be tested per month?
  4. Existing test method?
  5. Average time to test a cable/harness?
  6. Which sector is the cable/harness destined for?
  7. Working voltage of end product (cable/harness)
  8. Are you looking for a tester to configure yourself or a turnkey solution?
  9. The timescale for implementation?
  10. Budget?


Download the document here:

Needs Analysis thumbnail

CableEye Needs Analysis (335 downloads)

We are happy to help in this process. Please just drop us a line via our contact page and we’ll get back to you.