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Evaluating a cable tester

Evaluating a cable tester

How do you go about evaluating a cable tester? Evaluating a cable tester can make the difference between buying a box to test cables and buying a system to provide test, traceability, documentation and even guided assembly. The first thing to do is determine the need....

New CableEye Models

New CableEye Models

CAMI Research has released two new CableEye models. News from CAMI Research is that the two flagship models, the M3U in low voltage testing and the HVX in HiPot testing now have two higher specification siblings. The new CableEye models are the M3UH and the HVX-21 and...

Another CableEye Cable Tester

Motor sport loves the CableEye cable tester. Another CableEye cable tester supplied to the motorsport sector affirms the popularity of the PC-based software providing fast programming and traceability. This month we were pleased to supply a 152 pin CableEye cable...

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