You asked for Twisted Pair Testing, and CAMI Research delivered!

Now available on the ever-popular CableEye range of cable testers are two new features:

  • Capacitance measurement
  • Twisted pair testing and verification
  • Twisted pair ethernet cables

Combining these two features also gives a distance-to-fault testing capability, which means that incoming inspection can test new reels of cable prior to accepting for production.

Available immediately, the new CableEye M4 tester is the same, compact and rugged format as the M2 and M3 systems and utilises the same software, though extended for the new twisted pair testing and capacitance testing capabilities.

The initial application is to detect the infamous ‘Ethernet’ cable issue of incorrectly paired cores (eg CAT5/CAT6 cables).

During a single test phase the CableEye M4 will:

  • check continuity for shorts and opens
  • check resistance (the 4-wire option will increase precision when needed)
  • check for diodes (presence, polarity, and forward voltage drop)
  • check capacitance
  • check for miswired pairs using a new technique across multiple pairs
  • report Pass/Fail
  • display results in wiring diagram or table format
  • log the result – even to a network drive
  • print a detailed report on any windows printer – even networked
  • print a label on local or network label printers

And all of this happens within a matter of seconds, using a single button-press from a low-skilled operator!

For more details on all of the CableEye products from CAMI Research take a look at our dedicated section here

twisted pair testing

Cimbian UK will be demonstrating a brand new M4 on Stand A52 at the WNIE show (NEC 25th and 26th September), and will also be available for technical discussions, and to help you get the best from your Cable and Cable Harness Testing.

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