Fast and simple light guided cable assembly

CAMI Research’s patented Light Director™ system provides a new light guided cable assembly technology for connectors used in aerospace, medical, and other high-reliability applications. This system uses light fibres driven by super-bright LEDs to individually illuminate target cavities in the connector being assembled.

When the operator enters the wire code printed on unconnected wires or touches a wire connected at the other end, the CableEye software turns on the appropriate optical fibre causing a bright, flashing light to project from inside the cavity, guiding the operator to the proper insertion point. Correct insertion is confirmed by the elimination of light from that position, whereas insertion into an incorrect location leaves the flashing light visible.

Prior to pin placement, we illuminate all cavities requiring moisture plugs to allow rapid and accurate plug insertion. Blocking cavities not requiring pins further reduces the chance of wire insertion error.

Light Director light guided cable assembly - Moisture plugs fitted

Light Director- Moisture plugs fitted


The light flashes about five times per second. Flashing helps identify the target cavity in the presence of ambient light and previously inserted wires.

Light Director light guided cable assembly - Lit-up

Light Director – Lit-up


Light Director also employs high-quality synthetic speech to read the pin number to the operator.

Speech recognition is also available, as an option, enabling the operator to read wire codes to the system, thus eliminating the need for a keyboard or monitor.

Normally operators crimp pins on wires in advance of assembling to the connector. Wires may be identified during the assembly process by a numeric code, bar code, colour code or, if no codes are present, by electrical detection. This means that if the operator is wearing an ESD wrist-strap and the far-end of the cable has already been assembled and can be electrically connected to the system they just need to touch the crimp.

Light Director light guided cable assembly - Configuration

Light Director – Configuration


Field testing has shown that Light Director halves assembly time over manual methods while virtually eliminating errors. Because Light Director greatly reduces the challenge of manually locating pin cavities in a complex connector operator fatigue is greatly reduced. This means a more continuous, high productivity rate throughout the workday.

Light Director™ system is an accessory for CAMI’s CableEye® PC-Based cable test system.

Customers purchase a mounting kit for each mating connector consisting of a CableEye plug-in board with special LED sockets, LED light fibres, fibre guide boards, a connector support board, and hardware kit. All parts are reusable. Requires the AutoBuild Guided Assembly Software (Item 728)

CableEye cable and harness testers link to the PC using USB and may be used with laptop and tablet PCs for field testing.

Demonstration Videos (Opens YouTube):

1st Sided Pining

1st Sided Pining



2nd Sided Pining

2nd Sided Pining

Product Highlights

  • Visualise Cable Wiring
  • Assembly time reduced
  • Assembly errors reduced
  • Blanking plugs automatically allowed for
  • Reduce skill level required
  • Rapid pay-back (ROI)
  • First and second-sided pining
  • Reusable components