CableEye Reporting

CableEye Reporting - example report

CableEye Reporting provides traceability

In these times of increasing traceability demands the CableEye reporting tools are the answer.

Built-in tools that are supplied as standard enable you to quickly output test result data to provide traceability to your customers, even offering a batch summary report.

The reports can be in tabular netlist formats or include full graphics and measurement results along with time / date / operator information and, unlike other companies, this reporting is included free of charge with every installation of the software.

CableEye Reporting - HiPot test data report - no graphics

1 – HiPot Report – No Graphics

CableEye Reporting - HiPot test data report - 64 pin IDC

2 – HiPot Report – 64pin IDC

CableEye Reporting - example report

3 – Harness with resistor and diode

CableEye Reporting - Multi-head harness report - with graphics

4 – Multi-head Harness report







Each of the above reports can be downloaded in full as PDFs here:

Sample-report-HVX-w-4W-Sample-Report.pdf (498 downloads)

Sample-report-HVX-Printed-Test-Report.pdf (503 downloads)

Sample-report-M3U-or-HVX-Sample-Report.pdf (521 downloads)

Sample-report-Multi-head-harness.pdf (474 downloads)

For more details on how a CableEye with its CableEye Reporting can help your business improve its traceability just drop us line. we even have demo units for free loan periods!

If you need more customisation item 860 will enable you to add new fields and generally customise the report as needed.

You can see more about the CableEye Reporting features on the CAMI Research website.