PC based patented cable tester

For many years Cimbian UK has supplied and supported the patented cable tester technology from CAMI Research.

Their range of CableEye cable testers, hi-pot testers, and harness testers can measure a cable or in under a second.

You can view a colour graphic wiring display of the cable’s schematic, add descriptive notes, and save cable data in a searchable database for future reference.

Test and find defective, miswired, and intermittent cables instantly and produce detailed and traceable reports for your customers.

CableEye markedly increases productivity in cable & harness assembly, and test, by taking full advantage of the PC’s graphic display, processing speed, disk storage, networking, and printing capabilities.

The PC based performance directly affects your bottom line by saving operator time, ensuring consistent tamper-proof testing, and improving documentation.

As you read the list of benefits below, click the links to see descriptions and examples in a new tab.


CAMI Research accreditation for Calibrations

CAMI Research accreditation for Service/Repair/Upgrade

CAMI Research accreditation for Programmer/operator training

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