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Wire twisting - Cimbian UK

Wire twisting

Twisted Pair

Overview of wire twisting

There are probably as many wire twisting devices as there are cable types but, as with all manufacturing, consistency is the key to quality and this is where BÖWE Elektrik can help.

The BAV 1016 wire twisting system is a fast, simple and intelligent machine that will produce cables with exactly the same number of twists under the same tension every time, whether it is made from two or five wires up to 2m in length (4m option available).


TwistedPair1 after wire twisting

Unterminated wires


With a memory that allows you to store up to 999 cable definitions (programs) once the wire twisting system is setup the operator skill required is minimal making this ideal for high volume or low volume/high mix manufacturing.


Twisted Pair with crimps fitted, after wire twising

Twisted Pair


Minimal maintenance and fast operation help ensure a fast payback and ongoing returns on what is a relatively modest investment.


BAV 1016 wire twisting machine

BAV 1016 wire twisting machine


Product Highlights

  • Used for twisting of single wires into looms
  • Cable profiles from 0.05mm² to 2.5mm²
  • Between two and five wires per loom
  • Standard cable length 40mm to 2000mm
  • Option to expand length to 4000mm
  • Programming via the touch panel
  • 1 to 999 twists either clockwise/anticlockwise
  • Password protected onboard program storage (up to 999 programs)
  • Adjustable speed between 200 and 2500 RPM
  • Foot switch option available
  • Damage-free twisting
  • Suitable for both for low volume and large volume assembly

In addition to the standard fittings we can also provide custom holders for twisting wires that are attached to assemblies, such as sensors etc.

Selection of custom holders

Selection of custom holders


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