Braid Twisting

Solution for Braid Twisting

Quality stems from repeatability which is derived through consistency of both material and process and there are several areas within the cable assembly industry where process consistency can make, or break, overall quality of the end product. One such area is in managing braid on shielded cables.

Whether the braid is to be removed, folded-back or twisted it is essential to ensure that the fibres are not overworked, and therefore work-hardened and brittle and that the braid can be handled with minimal loss of strands.

Before braid twisting

Before braid twisting

Often a braid is required to take a crimp or other termination and to prepare for this it is normally twisted into a pigtail; however, there is ‘braid twisting’ and then there is braid twisting!

After braid twisting with the BSV 1003

After braid twisting with the BSV 1003

The BSV 1003 and 1006 from BÖWE Elektrik ensure that each braid is twisted in the same direction, to the same tension and with the same number of twists to provide a reproducible crimp force… basically they ensure repeatability and quality whilst reducing labour costs.

Repeated twisting causes operator fatigue and can lead to RSI. Using BÖWE Elektrik braid twisters can completely eliminate this..

BSV 1003 braid twisting machine

BSV 1003

BSV 1006 braid twisting machine

BSV 1006

As usual with BÖWE Elektrik products, minimal maintenance and fast operation help ensure a fast payback and ongoing returns on what is a relatively modest investment.

Product Highlights

  • Used to twist braided cable shields prior to termination
  • Braid length from 10mm to 70mm (BSV 1003) or 10mm to unlimited (BSV 1006)
  • User selectable rotation direction
  • Assembly errors reduced
  • Repeatable crimp force through consistent twisting
  • Simple adjustments for different cable types
  • Higher yields with a reduced skill level
  • Reduced operator strain (eg: RSI induced by twisting)
  • Foot-switch as standard
  • Suitable for both for low volume and large volume assembly
  • Adjustable width and speed

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