Braid Cutting

Shield cutting machine

Braid Cutting Overview

Quality stems from repeatability which is derived through consistency of both material and process and there are several areas within the cable assembly industry where process consistency can make, or break, overall quality of the end product. One such area is in managing Braid Cutting on shielded cables.

Incorrect cutting of braid can lead to shorts or HiPot breakdown from insulation damage or even conductor damage. Many faults like these will only show after some time in operation leading to premature field failures, possible warranty claims and damage to your reputation.

BSB 1005 before Braid Cutting

After a couple of second of processing on BSB1005


The BSF 1004 from BÖWE Elektrik ensures that each braid is cut cleanly and efficiently to the same specification and the conductors remain damage-free… basically they ensure repeatability and quality whilst reducing labour costs.

BSF_Cut_After Braid Cutting

After cutting on BSF 1004


A range of adjustable cutting tools are available as options that can be quickly swapped out for different cable types

Cable length is unlimited as the cutting tool is offset from the motor body.

As usual with BÖWE Elektrik products, minimal maintenance and fast operation help ensure a fast payback and ongoing returns on what is a relatively modest investment.


BSF_1004 Braid Cutting machine

BSF 1004 Braid Cutting machine

Product Highlights

  • Used to cleanly and safely remove braided shields
  • Maximum braid length is unlimited.
  • User adjustable cutting tools to prevent damage to cable cores
  • Assembly errors reduced
  • Field-failures reduced
  • Simple tool changes for different cable types
  • Higher yields with a reduced skill level
  • Foot-switch option
  • Suitable for both for low volume and large volume assembly

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