Protean Cable Stands

Protean Cable Stands

Protean cable stands

Efficiency in production comes from preparation and tidy working… easier said than done in many cases; but, it is here that our new Protean cable stands will help you.

Our new design has removable tines so you can set the spacing to suit. Of course, being on castors the Cable Stands are quickly wheeled into place.

Each stand is supplied with eight pins, or tines, that may be easily screwed in or out to adjust the spacing to suit your requirements.

The radiused top is specifically designed to avoid bending cables beyond their minimum radius, particularly important in air-gapped cables such as co-ax.

Protean Cable Stands

Protean Stand

The ProteanTM stands are 1400mm tall and 550mm wide, capable of carrying 100kg safely around your facility.

The cable stands can be simply stored and brought into use as and when needed, pre-loaded with the required cables for a job/batch if upstream or ready for downstream processing.

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