Easy Strip wire stripper

EASY STRIP is a simple, cheap and safe electro-pneumatic stripping machine

Easy Strip from MGR Electro is a simple, low-cost and safe electro-pneumatic wire stripping machine that enables you to strip (or mid-strip) one or more conductors simply and quickly. So, in a single operation Easy Strip will easily strip multi-core cables.

Easy Strip Wire Stripper

Quick and simple control knob adjustment means that you can strip wires of different sections and sizes as well as changing stripping lengths from just 1mm up to 50mm. Additionally the displacement amount of the stripped insulation is adjustable.

Easy Strip Wire Stripper

Each system is supplied with an electrical foot pedal, a mains power cable, and an 8mm tube for compressed-air inlet.

This is a very flexible machine that can be easily adjusted, or, as it is such a low-cost unit can be used as ‘set-and-forget’ for a single product-line.

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