Easy Crimp Terminal Crimping Machine

Easy Crimp Terminal Crimping Machine

EASY CRIMP is a simple, portable, economical and safe Terminal Crimping tool.

One one terminal crimping machine – hundreds of crimp terminals.

Photo of the Easy Crimp terminal crimping machine

Due to the quick and simple tooling change, Easy Crimp, from MGR Electro will handle hundreds of different insulated and non-insulated crimp terminals.

Terminal crimping tool change.

Operated by foot switch the Easy Crimp user has both hands free for greater throughput and control.

Crimping speed, and therefore quality is simply adjusted via a pneumatic control valve on the Easy Crimp.

EASY CRIMP enables the terminal crimping of:

  • insulated ferrules ( from 0.15 to 50 mm²)
  • insulated terminals, sockets, eyelets, forks etc.

Terminal Crimping selection of crimp    Terminal crimping - finished crimps.


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