CAMI Research has released two new CableEye models.

News from CAMI Research is that the two flagship models, the M3U in low voltage testing and the HVX in HiPot testing now have two higher specification siblings.

The new CableEye models are the M3UH and the HVX-21 and the specification increases are summarised here:

M3UH Item 821UH:

  • Resistance measurement range has been brought down to 0.1Ω to 5MΩ, +/- 0.1Ω, at the low end. The standard M3U is 0.3Ω to 10MΩ, +/- 0.15Ω at the low end with no loss of speed. [/tab]

HVX-21 Item 829A:

  • (HVX-21) HiPot range is now 2100 Vdc, 1200 Vac (HVX (Item 829) is 1500Vdc, 1000Vdc), both still in 1V steps.
  • Resistance thresholds are now 0.1Ω to 5GΩ on the HVX-21 whereas on the HVX they are 0.1Ω to 1GΩ.
  • In addition to this the Current Sensitivity has been improved by a factor of five on the HVX-21 at 0.2µA whereas the HVX Current Sensitivity is 1µA

New CableEye Models Datasheet image


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