CableEye Cable Testers and Harness Testers

One of the most successful products we’ve found in our many years in this business is the CableEye Cable Tester and Harness Tester.

An industry-grade, Windows PC-driven, CableEye cable tester with incredible performance yet amazingly simple to operate. The CableEye cable Tester has found itself in areas as diverse as working in oil/gas mining through avionics and F1 car testing to audio cables at concerts.

CableEye is available in five models:

  1. M2Z – a 128-pin non-expandable unit
  2. M3Z – An expandable unit with dual threshold programming and the ability to measure Resistance and Diodes
  3. M4 – Includes the unique twisted-pair testing mode for detecting miswired Ethernet cables developed by CAMI Research.
  4. HVX – An expandable high-voltage  (HiPot) unit for testing leakage and isolation as well as all the features of the M3Z. The HVX range includes the HVX (1500Vdc/1000Vac)
  5. HVX-21 (2100Vdc/1200Vac), as the HVX but with a wider range of applied voltages.

All systems use the same highly flexible yet intuitive Windows software, which means it is up and running very quickly and has the ability to network, produce and print reports and labels etc.

Programming is as simple as clicking the ‘Learn Cable‘ button, and a graphic is almost instantly displayed (or netlist if preferred), and the cable or harness is then saved to the database.

For those that need to integrate their CAMI Research CableEye cable tester with other equipment, there is a full API available, too, so it can be used in a wide range of programming languages.

As well as cables, a CableEye cable tester will test complete harnesses in exactly the same way and will report showing the actual connectors expected, and can even show the wire colours and traces!

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