Shield Processing & Wire Twisting Machines from BÖWE Elektrik

As a cable assembly business, handling shielded cable automatically within their processes is one of the challenges of their in-house development team. Böwe Elektrik has successfully solved this task with the shield brushing machine (BSB 1005), the shield twisting machine (BSV 1003) and the shield milling machine (BSF 1004), all designed, developed and produced in-house.

The machine time, compared to manual production, has been reduced by at least half.

With the BSV 1003 we are able to apply terminals with a high degree of crimp pressure repeatability control on twisted shield wires.

The shield milling machine BSF 1004 safely strips the shield from the wires without damaging the core conductor insulation.

The computer-controlled BAV wire twisting machine will twist wires evenly and consistently into pairs etc. whether terminated or unterminated. We can even twist wires that are already fitted to a sub-assembly!

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