Motor sport loves the CableEye cable tester.

Another CableEye cable tester supplied to the motorsport sector affirms the popularity of the PC-based software providing fast programming and traceability.

This month we were pleased to supply a 152 pin CableEye cable tester for testing / certification of wiring used in racing car fuel cells.

[half]CableEye provides a fast and intuitive way of designing special connectors in the software so that they are automatically included in testing and in reports, both textually and graphically.[/half][half]

CableEye cable tester sample report

Sample CableEye Report


Reports can be printed directly or as PDFs which is ideal for portable use. Of course all the test data is also logged and can be included in QA audits or customer reporting.

More details can be found on the CAMIResearch site where video clips explain some of the many unique features of the CableEye cable tester:

To find out more about CableEye or arrange a demo please drop us a line on our contact page.